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Summit Stair Lift

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Summit Stairlift features


Chassis & Drive Train
1. No oil / vent plug in gear the gearbox is sealed and is filled with grease instead of traditional gear oil. This means no chance of leaking or spillage. The gear is one of the largest in the stairway lift market today. The aluminum casting used in its design allows for lighter weight to go with its maximum performance.

2. Drive system a belt is used between the motor and gear instead of a direct connection as manufacturers were unable to guarantee the elimination of key noise between a coupled drive system. It also simplifies serviceability.

3. Motor Through the design of a dual capacitor system, the instant reversing motor (1/3 hp, 110vac) uses only 3 wires and runs at 6 amps at full load. This allows installation in the home without need for a dedicated outlet.

4. Aircraft cable using 3/16 dia. Cable instead of traditional 1/8 dia. Cable allows for a breaking strength of 4200 lbs. vs. 2000 lbs. The cable wraps on an aluminum cast drum, grooved for each wrap. This eliminates noise and problems caused by stack winding issues. The cable system is direct drive meaning there are no pulleys and the cable does not move.


Customer Features
1. Seat the seat is wide for larger passengers and has the following features:

Optional colors 3 in vinyl and 3 in leather

A large, easy to use paddle switch on the armrest

A 3-position adjustable height back rest for optimum comfort

180 degree swivel as standard

2. Unit the chassis has several unique features as well:
A magazine rack that can be used for books, newspapers, etc.

A 2 position adjustable height footrest for persons of varying height and disabilities

Eight rollers instead of the traditional four. This gives a more consistent ride with less movement. It also cuts in half the load on each roller eliminating flat spots and premature roller wear

3. Track features of the aluminum extruded track include:

A completely smooth bottom. This allows the lift to sit firmly on the stair noses and reduces permanent ridges or marks left once the lift is removed.

Track splices located immediately next to the roller channels to provide for an optimum ride at each splice not on the bottom of the track.

Conduit channels in the track to reduce installation time and improve the look of the overall installation. This eliminates holes in the wall / stairs.


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